Photographer/Designer/Artist: Dave McGregor

DMacNZ Photography was born after a gestation period of 40 or more years since I was first given a camera at the age of 10. I've had many cameras over my life time but it has only been in recent years that I finally decided to get serious about using the camera to produce Photographic Art rather than just personal 'snaps'.
After completing a printing apprenticeship in the early 1980's, I studied Graphic Design and Pre-press technologies, which at the time included a lot of time spent in dark rooms, experimenting with various imaging and photographic processing techniques. I found the whole process very creative and satisfying. The only problem was I was mostly always working on other people's ideas and images, so I couldn't really call them my own. But during that time I worked on many inspiring projects, leading to ideas that I patiently filed away in my sub conscious mind waiting for the right time to bring them to life.
Fast forward 30+ years, and having run my own freelance graphic design and print management business in the mean time, I developed a wide range of creative skills including illustration, painting, photo retouching, model-making, etc. So finally I decided it was time to focus on my own creative endeavours. The collection of images shown on this website are a sample of the results so far.   
As regards my approach to photography, I can only repeat what the famous photographer Ansell Adams once said: 
"I don't take photos, I make photos". 

Likewise for me. Each of my images is carefully crafted from the initial composition to the final print hanging on the wall. I like to think of each one as a work of art in it's own right. Interestingly, several of my photographs printed on canvas have been mistaken for paintings.
I hope you enjoy perusing my collection of images. If you find one you like, try to imagine how it would look hanging on your wall. Then get in touch with me. I'll be happy to make it a reality for you.
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